Carlette Patterson

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Carlette Patterson, Founder & CEO
Jack Sullivan, Creative Director & Graphics Manager
Phyllis Kirk, Sports Life Coach
Wendy Woudenberg, Sports Life Coach

Carlette Patterson is the CEO of Patterson Sports Ventures, a company committed to utilizing the power of sports to equip and empower people to become "Agents of Change." She is an internationally recognized Sports Life Coach with 20+ years of senior leadership in amateur, collegiate and professional sports organizations. Carlette has a passion for sports life coaching and has devoted her life to coaching professional coaches, athletes and their families to lead a life of significance during and after their sports career.

As an Agent of Change, Carlette has developed and implemented a Sports Life Coaching curriculum being used by:

  • Arizona State University Women's Basketball
  • Arizona State University Women's Golf
  • West Point Women's Soccer
  • Professional coaches, US and internationally
  • New Zealand Academy of Sport and Quantum Sports

Northern Arizona University (NAU) challenged Carlette to develop a program utilizing the language of sports and the desired outcome of Optimum Performance to serve their college students to achieve success in their college experience if they did not participate in sports. Together with NAU, Carlette developed the Student Success Coaching program.

Carlette has developed the 3D Sports Life Coach Certification to train retired, professional athletes, and coaches to become 3D Sports Life Coaches and The Character Code Game, a life skills and character building game that combines the fundamentals of sports and life for children ages 8-12. Carlette has been a featured speaker at the WBCA convention at the Final Four, as well as working with additional college coaches and teams implementing 3D Sports Life Coaching tools and the 3D Coaching 4 Significance Programs.

Carlette has a passion for serving people who have a desire to train for a life of significance. This passion lead her to develop the Life Training Academy which offers courses that include Career Exploration for adults in transition, HS and college students; The Power of Purpose; Change 4 Significance; Live 4 Significance; and The Power of Adventure Retreats.

Carlette is also the author of the book, I Thought We Had Forever - A Love Story.
I Thought We Had Forever is a collection of love letters, emails, and journal entries that reveal the passion and pain a family went through when their forever ended on July 28, 2004. It is a love story that began when retired NBA player Steve Patterson took a blank piece of paper and penned a collection of love letters that changed the course of many lives. His wife, Carlette, holds on to her family as her five-year-old daughter is forced to understand grief, her young adult daughter finds her way back from drug addiction, and her oldest daughter navigates life with Aspergers. Experience their raw emotions as they search for hope, hanging on to their faith and finding a love more powerful than pain.

Martha Beck Certified Coach

Carlette received her Life Coaching training from Martha Beck; Psychology Today, USA Today, and NPR have all referred to Martha Beck as "one of the best-known life coaches in America."HeartMath - a change fo heart changes everything Carlette is also a certified one-on-one provider for HeartMath and Kolbe coach.

Carlette and her family live in Phoenix, Arizona. She has three daughters; Amanda, Sara and Makena.

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