"The Athlete Life Team recently enjoyed an action packed and fun day's refresher workshop with Carlette Patterson following the training the team had earlier completed in 3D Sport Life Coaching Certification.

"Carlette specifically tailored the day to our needs including 3D Tools for wellbeing and building resilience in athletes, as well as tools for career and leadership development. These tools will further support the delivery of our programme to build capability in athletes to be able to maximise their performance in sport and life. Carlette's energy and passion for her work was inspiring and motivating and it was exciting to see the growth and development in the three members of our team who have recently completed their Mastery Training Certificate."

High Performance Sport New ZealandJane Stanley | Athlete Life Manager
High Performance Sport New Zealand

Ben Sigmund "Last year I started thinking of career options for life for me after football. I was recommended Carlette Patterson's life coaching course which I participated in through skype and I haven't looked back! Before I started Carlette's course I had a real problem with letting my emotion on the field get the better of me, this had been a real problem right from when I first picked up a soccer ball. I was so passionate about winning and would constantly end up with yellow cards and sometimes even a red. Ben Sigmund Now though using the tools that I have learnt on Carlette's life coaching course, I am able to be a lot calmer and think before I leap and this has been reflected in the current number of yellow cards that I have received this season, which is currently 0. My progress with what I have learnt doesn't just stop there either, I have been able to apply my life coaching tools to my personal life also with friends, family, and my wife. The course has really enriched my life allowing me to see things from new angles through fresh eyes. I can't recommend this amazing life altering course enough, it far exceeded my expectations in every way and because of how passionate I feel about what I have learnt, I am going to be taking up life coaching after football so that I too can inspire others as Carlette Paterson inspired me."

- Ben Sigmund
   Professional Footballer NZ

CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Certification is a comprehensive training curriculum designed to create a culture of Competitive Greatness 4 Success, Significance and Service. This curriculum consists of CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching Tools and techniques that train, equip and empower certified coaches to serve as an athlete's and or team's Sports Life Coach to optimally perform - in sports and life.

Mark Griffin"Carlette's PSV CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching Certification came at a critical time in my career when I needed to develop both my team, and myself. Only the best performance was an option or we were going to be in trouble. I was hungry to learn and the PSV certification provided an excellent framework and roadmap to progressively learn and apply the various concepts which were designed to inspire new hope, new skills and thinking in order to maximize both personal and professional performance. Carlette herself is a master coach - truly a natural and incredible at reading people, supporting and developing them while challenging them to action their new skills. The content of the course is based upon a number of excellent authors & books which Carlette has simplified into various "tools" to enable easy application. The balance in the course between reading, learning, and doing was excellent. The team-based nature of course provided us with a support network, with whom we could practice our coaching skills and develop new relationships. The PSV CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching Certification added incredible value both to me personally and my team at work and we continue to apply a number of the concepts in our day to day life.

"Thank-you Carlette for creating such an incredible course. I look forward to working with you further in the future."

Play Rugby USA

- Mark Griffin MBE
   Founder & CEO - Play Rugby USA

"As a former pro football player who has gone through numerous major life adjustments, I recommend Sports Life Coaching to all athletes who have a passion for sports and want to find out if other passions exist inside them that must be honored."

-- Retired NFL Player

High Performance Sport New Zealand
New Zealand Academy of Sport (NZAS) are committed to providing a world class high performance environment that provides leadership and support to enable athletes and teams to win on the world stage.

"The Athlete Life Teams were inspired and revitalized after the start of a nine month journey they are taking to complete training in '3D Sport Life Coaching Certification' with Carlette Patterson from the US. The program provides a framework and set of tools to assist athletes develop an optimal high performance life. The tools work well with the existing elements of the Athlete Life program and enhance the work done with athletes to pursue excellence in the management of their sport life. It has given us a great way to engage with athletes to work how their life aspects can even more enhance their performance,"

- Susan Thomason
   Athlete Life Manager

CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Certification equips qualified retired athletes, coaches and sports team personnel to provide Sports Life Coaching to athletes and teams. Unlimited time and money is spent improving athletes' physical performance, but by coaching their lives - using the context and language of sport - athletes are equipped to maximize their potential and perform at their best in their sport and in life.

CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Methodology

The three dimensions of the CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Certification are:

  1. Teach the Coaches-In-Training the 3D Tools, techniques and philosophy.
  2. Coach the Coaches-In-Training through an experiential learning training model.
  3. Train the Coaches-In-Training to utilize the 3D Tools to serve their athletes and teams to competitive greatness, in sports and life.

The three dimensions of the CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching Certification include coaching a person in the following areas of their life:

  1. Professional Life: defined as how a person serves and supports others 4 Success. For an athlete this could be a combination of sports and academics and or sports and an additional professional career.
  2. Personal Life: defined as how a person develops themselves 4 Significance.
  3. Philanthropic: defined as how a person gives of themselves based on the power of their story to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E.

The three dimensions of the 3D Tools and techniques are:

  1. Time Management: level one engagement
  2. Energy Management: level two engagement
  3. Emotional Management: full engagement

CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Certification is a comprehensive training curriculum designed to create a culture of Competitive Greatness - 3D - personally, professionally and philanthropically. This curriculum consists of CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching Tools and techniques that train, equip and empower certified coaches to serve as an athlete's and or team's Sports Life Coach.

3D Sports Life Coaching - The Winning Combination for Sports and Life

Patterson Sports Ventures is committed to optimum performance - personally, professionally and philanthropically. It is our goal to have a CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach on every sports team around the world! Become part of our Agents of Change team by becoming a CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach!