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Patterson Sports Ventures' 30 years of pioneering coaching and training has been developed utilizing the best practices from sports, business and education. Patterson Sports Ventures coaching and training have been implemented globally with corporations, executives, and professionals as well as collegiate athletes, coaches, university teams, professional sports organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

The Patterson Sports Ventures process is a Three-Dimensional (3D) Training Model.

What is the Three-Dimensional Training Model?

The Three-Dimensional Training Model is unique to Patterson Sports Ventures and works because it is wholistic. By training a person in three dimensions vs. one dimension (professional development only), well-being is created for the whole person.

1. Personally (Me): Who I Am and What Matters to Me?

2. Professionally (We): What Do I Do with Others to Influence Excellence and Deliver Extraordinary?

3. Philanthropically (World): How Do I Give Who I Am and What I Do to Impact Our World?

Why Three-Dimensional Training?

High achievers can be one-dimensional and often believe their one-dimensional focus is the key to their success. Their profession is often their identity, and they see themselves strictly about what they do vs. who they are. This one-dimensional mindset makes career transitional success a challenge. Leaders who have been operating at their highest level of career success can be unsure of their purpose outside of their career and unsure how to impact and influence in a different role. The fear of discovering and designing their "Next" can feel like a threat to their identity. Patterson Sports Ventures helps them accept the challenge of expanding their identity to include the whole person and redefining their definition of success.

Three-Dimensional Training creates high-performance results because it is driven by meaningful relationships, underpinned by character, and anchored in purpose. The desired outcome of 3D Training is to achieve balance between personal well-being in our lives, professional legacy in our work, and philanthropical influence in our world.

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