Carlette Patterson What makes a great athlete? Training. What makes a great person? Training.
Carlette Patterson
"As a retired athlete, I have been successful in my adult life because of the tools and training I mastered as an athlete. I learned the power of self-discipline, commitment, determination, perseverance, and the ability to push beyond my perceived mental and physical limitations. I had no idea that at the age of eight when I chose to join a swim team, it would be the beginning of a life journey that led to my life purpose.
Initially I thought my life purpose was to coach athletes, but when my first daughter was born with a disability, I found new meaning in perseverance and determination. Life continued; two more fabulous daughters arrived. And then abruptly, in 2004, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and died 28 days later. What I thought was "Game Over" has become "3D Coaching 4 Success, Significance and Service" and has led me to launch the Life Training Academy."

What is the Life Training Academy? The Academy trains you to find joy, success, significance, and purpose in this journey we call life. I have taken all that I have learned in my years of sports and life experiences to create "Sports Life Coaching" courses, workshops, and classes. Sports Life Coaching is not just for athletes and teams; it is for anyone who has a desire to train for a life on purpose. If you have never been an athlete or if you have been involved in sports your entire life, the Life Training Academy will introduce you to the power of training "for Success, Significance and Service" and equip you with the tools need to overcome life's toughest challenges.

Thank you for wanting more out of your life and taking the time to search for how to do it. It would be an honor to coach and train you to be a champion in your life. I look forward to seeing you at the Academy!

"I have been involved in personal growth and transformational work for more than a decade. Carlette's Sports Life Coaching courses, format and insights have taken me to an entirely new level of aliveness, truth and authenticity. Carlette's courses, curriculum and format are profoundly powerful. She and her program are an incubator providing both the road map and guide rails to help me discover and live the life of my dreams."

- Paula Hardison
Adventure Retreats

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. Dena Kaye

Step into the lives of people around the world that are living their lives for Success, Significance and Service. Experience the Power of Adventure Retreats by getting out of your life and stepping into someone else's - by hearing their stories and sharing their culture- you find yourself in their story. This experiential adventure opens your mind to new thinking, inspires your heart for new hope and gives you the courage to try new skills as your embrace the power of your story.

Club 10 New Zealand Adventure
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10 CLUBNew Zealand offers you the ultimate outdoor playground, a country 100 times smaller in scale than America - making it an ideal destination for you to explore and experience resting, recovering, re-energizing and reflecting on your 10 Life. The desired outcomes of the Club 10 New Zealand Adventure are 10 days of experiences incorporating access to New Zealand's most influential "Agents of Change" - hear their stories as you share fabulous food and wine, active fun, rest and recovery and adventures that awaken lifelong learning. This experience is exclusive to Club 10 members. Each day you will experience six healthy, well-being principles of real food, movement, rest and recovery, community, lifelong learning and Life Coaching.

A New Zealand Trip With Carlette Patterson and Mark Everard: The Trifecta

"I have enjoyed and benefited from Carlette's coaching for years and my family and I have toured New Zealand with Mark. I can't think of a better combination than visiting a world class destination like New Zealand with Mark and Carlette. Mark is a pleasure to travel with and to get to know on a road trip. He will share experiences in his native New Zealand with you that only a well-connected local with impeccable taste could. I had visited New Zealand twice before my family's trip with Mark and it was a whole new experience touring this gem in Oceania with him. We got more insight into the culture and experienced aspects of the awe inspiring geography that we didn't come close to experiencing with other tour companies. Add Carlette into the mix to provide fresh insights on how to live the 10 life you really desire and I can't think of a better life experience to have in such a magical place."

All Retreats are designed for private groups of 10 or more people.

Courses, Workshops and Retreats
Designed for private groups of 10 or more people
Are you ready to discover how you can use the great learning experiences you have had and the wisdom you have gained from them to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to take the time to understand who you are, where you have been, and where you want to go? Think about the difference you could create in your life if you had a plan and a clear understanding of the process involved in living through personal change. Patterson Sports Ventures Certified Coaches will coach you from where you are today to where you are committed to going based on your personal experiences, strengths, and your desire to live every day on purpose.

Champion Wellbeing Chief Wellbeing Officers
Are you considering making a career change, exploring a life transition or re-entering the job market? Join a team of people on your same journey and step into "Next" trained with New Thinking, New Skills, and New Hope. The Patterson Sports Ventures Career Exploration Team will coach you to develop a plan of action that includes identifying your strengths, claiming your specific desired outcomes and aligning them with your career options.
Hosted: Weekly for 6 Weeks
Locations: TBD
Time: Varies according to Location
Investment: $750 per person
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CHAMP10N SPORTS LIFE COACH  [ Click for Details ]
This Certification provides you with the skills and tools needed to coach people in three dimensions of their Lives -- Success, Significance and Service, so they can be intentional with their time, money, and talents. Just think about what a difference it would have made in your life if you would have had a life coach guiding you through transitional times or life decisions. The average person now deals with stress levels that create overload physically, emotionally, and mentally. This course is designed to develop the skills required to maintain emotional stability and optimum performance- personally, professionally and philanthropically. Upon completion of the Sports Life Coach Certification, you will be licensed and certified to use the 3D Coaching Tools in your work as a Sports Life Coach.
Anyone who has a desire to coach people for Success, professionally; Significance, personally and Service, philanthropically. If you have been considering getting trained as a Life Coach, join Carlette as she coaches and trains you to understand the power of her 3D Tools. Her 3D Tools and Sports Life Coaching are not just for athletes and teams; they benefit anyone who has a desire to train for a 3D Life.
The training is presented with a mix of experiential and inquiry based pedagogy. The course is delivered in a team format, meeting twice a week for 30 sessions; 2 hours each; hosted on zoom. Participants experience being coached prior to receiving instruction on the principles and methods of Sports Life Coaching and the 3D Tools. As each new tool is introduced, participants have the opportunity of coaching each other under supervision. As the course progresses, participants are required to engage in a practicum and complete Practice Reports. The course also includes required reading.

Total of 60 hours, including weekly
2 hour sessions hosted on zoom

Does Not include Books

Maximum 10 participants

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